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Veteran Employment Opportunities with SkillBridge


World Impact Real Estate is proud to participate in the DoD’s SkillBridge program for service members transitioning away from their military careers. Our program and guidance at World Impact Real Estate allows transitioning service members to intern under a seasoned active REALTOR and learn the day to day operations of being a full time real estate agent.

  • Has served at least 180 days

  • Is within 180 days of separation or retirement

  • Will receive an honorable discharge

  • Has taken any service TAPS/TGPS

  • Has attended or participated in an ethics brief within the last 12 months to participate in an apprenticeship or internship for up to six months with civilian organizations

  • Approval for this program is delegated the first O-5 or above in the service member’s chain of command who has UCMJ Authority

SkillBridge is a DoD program for any service member who: 


  • Offer the service member training that would lead to a high probability of employment (not necessarily at the same organization)

  • Offer the training at little or no cost to the member

  • Provide skills that are required to successfully perform occupations in the civilian workforce

  • Not create a conflict of interest for the service member

SkillBridge Training Organizations must:



We look forward to hearing from you.

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